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Orenburg Region

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56 Krasnok fl
56 novoorsk ray
56 ore4
Chernoreche sp coa
Chernoreche sp fl
Matveevskiy rayon fl 2014
Novosokulak sp coa
Ponomaryovskiy rayon fl
Sakmarskiy rayon coa
Sakmarskiy rayon coa3
Sakmarskiy rayon fl
abdulino city coa
abdulino city fl
abdulino rayon fl n17606
abdulinskii rayon coa
abdulinskii rayon fl
abdulinskiy rayon coa n17605
adamovsky rayon coa
adamovsky rayon fl
akbulak rayon coa n15603
akbulak rayon fl n15604
aktybinsky ss coa
aktybinsky ss fl
aleksandrovka2a ss coa
aleksandrovka2a ss fl
aleksandrovsky rayon coa
aleksandrovsky rayon fl
asekeevo rayon coa n26712
asekeevo rayon fl n26711
belajevskii rayon coa
belajevskii rayon fl
buguruslan city coa n11984
buguruslan city coa n17609
buguruslan old
buguruslanskii rayon coa
buguruslanskii rayon fl
buruncha ss coa
buruncha ss fl
buzuluk city coa2
buzuluk city fl
buzuluk old
buzuluksky rayon coa
buzuluksky rayon fl
cherkassy ss coa
cherkassy ss fl
chernorechye ss coa 2002
chernorechye ss fl 2002

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