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Odessa oblast (Odesa oblast)

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izmailskiy rayon fl
izmailskiy rayon fl 2006
kamenskoe selo coa
kamenskoe selo fl
kiliyskiy rayon coa
kiliyskiy rayon fl
kodymskyi rayon coa
kodymskyi rayon fl
kominternivskyi rayon coa
kominternivskyi rayon fl
kotovsk city coa
kotovsk city fl
krasnooknanskyi rayon coa
krasnooknanskyi rayon fl
lubashivskyi rayon coa
lubashivskyi rayon fl
mirnopolie selo coa
mirnopolie selo fl
nadezdovka selo coa
nadezdovka selo fl
novaja ivanovka selo coa
novaja ivanovka selo fl
novye kaplany selo coa
novye kaplany selo fl
odessa c coa 1798 bw
odessa c coa 1843 c
odessa c coa 1845 bw
odessa c coa 1918
odessa c coa 1967
odessa c coa 1993
odessa c coa 1999
odessa c coa 19c
odessa c prcoa 1875
odessa c prcoa 1967
odessa c prcoa 1990s
odessa c prcoa 1992
odessa city coa 1798
odessa city coa 2011
odessa city coa 2011 small
odessa city fl 2011
odessa city fl golova 2011
ovidiopolskii rayon coa
ovidiopolskii rayon fl
pavlovka selo coa
pavlovka selo fl
petrovka pos coa
petrovka pos fl
plavni village coa n28248
plavni village fl n28247
ploskoe municipality coa n27978

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