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Odessa oblast (Odesa oblast)

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ploskoe municipality fl n27977
prambalka selo coa
prambalka selo fl
reniyskyi rayon coa
reniyskyi rayon fl
rozdilnans rayon coa
rozdilnans rayon fl
saratskyi rayon coa
saratskyi rayon fl
savranskyi rayon coa
savranskyi rayon fl
sergeevka pos coa
sergeevka pos fl
tarutenskii rayon coa
tarutenskii rayon fl
tatarbunar city coa
tatarbunar city fl
tatarbunarskii rayon coa
tatarbunarskii rayon fl
teplodar city coa
teplodar city fl
ua odeska obl fl
vinogradovka selo coa
vinogradovka selo fl
vizirka village coa n32349
vizirka village fl n32348
yuzhny city coa n12351
yuzhnyi city fl

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