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Odessa oblast (Odesa oblast)

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168 ananev
Odessa med
Odessa small
ananievskii rayon coa
ananievskii rayon fl
ananiv city coa2016
ananiv city fl
artsyz city coa
artsyzskyi rayon coa
artsyzskyi rayon fl
balta city coa
balta city coa n27964
balta city coa proj 1801
balta city coa proj 1849
balta city fl
baltskyi rayon coa
baltskyi rayon fl
belgorod dnestrovskii city coa 1996
belgorod dnestrovskii city fl 1996
belgorod dnestrovskii rayon coa
belgorod dnestrovskii rayon fl
belgoroddnestr1826 city coa n6139
berezivskyi rayon coa
berezivskyi rayon fl
bilaivskiy rayon coa
bilaivskiy rayon fl
bogard city fl
bolgar city coa2011
bolgrad city coa
bolgrad city coa 1989 n31342
fontanka municipality coa n27972
fontanka municipality fl n27971
frunzivskyi rayon coa
frunzivskyi rayon fl
g1543 odessa obl
glavani selo coa
holmskoe selo coa
holmskoe selo fl
illichevsk city coa
illichevsk city fl
ivanivskyi rayon coa
ivanivskyi rayon fl
izmail city coa
izmail city coa n3507
izmail city fl
izmail city fl 2017
izmailskiy rayon coa
izmailskiy rayon coa 2006

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