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Novosibirsk Region

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54 fl
54 nskfl
alabuginskii selo coa
alabuginskii selo fl
antiterror siberia otd emb n13065
bagan rayon fl n7916
bagan ss coa
bagan ss fl
baganskii rayon coa
baltinskoe selo coa
barabinsk city coa
barabinsk city fl
barabinsk rayon coa n12047
baryshevo selo coa
berdsk city coa
berdsk city fl
berezovskii selo coa
berezovskii selo fl
bolotninskii rayon coa
bolotnoe city coa n8027
bolotnoe rayon fl n7918
chanovskii rayon coa
chany rayon fl n7920
cherepanovo city coa
cherepanovo rayon fl n7922
cherepanovskii rayon coa
chistoozernyi rayon coa
chistozernyi rayon fl
chulym rayon fl n7924
chulymskii rayon coa
dovolenskii rayon coa
f1512 novosibirsk obl
g1511 novosibirsk obl
g1568 ob city
g1653 kargat city
g2067 karasuk city
gbmse novosibirsk emb n25463
gornyi pos coa n12042
guvd novosibirsk obl badge n20929
guvd novosibirsk obl emb n20928
iliinskii selo coa
iskitim city coa n10038
iskitim rayon coa n12048
ivanovka ss coa
ivanovka ss fl
izbirkom novosibirsk city emb n21472
izbirkom novosibirsk obl emb n21473
karasevo selo coa

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