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Nikolaev oblast (Mykolayiv oblast)

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pervomaisk city coa
pervomaisk city fl
pervomaiskyii rayon coa
pervomaiskyii rayon fl
sebine selo coa
sebine selo fl
snigirevka city coa
snigirevka city fl
troitskoe selo coa
uzhnoukrainsk city fl
veselynivskyi rayon coa
voznesensk1845 city coa n7027
voznesensk city coa1992
voznesensk city fl
voznesenskyi rayon coa
voznesenskyi rayon fl
vradievka municipality coa n28252
vradievka municipality fl n28251
vradiivskyii rayon coa
vradiivskyii rayon fl
zhovtnevyi rayon coa
zhovtnevyi rayon fl

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