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g1138 novoperedelkino mos
g1472 zelenograd city
g1608 cheryomushki mos
g1609 lomonosovsky mos
g1611 gagarinsky mos
g1614 orekhovoborisovosev mos
g1616 zao mos
g1618 nagorny mos
g1619 birulevovost mos
g1620 birulevozap mos
g172 moscow
g1919 uvao mos
g598 bibirevo mos
g671 begovoi mos
g674 akademr mos
g686 sevbutovo mos
g908 altufievsky mos
g911 szao mos
g914 danilovsky mos
g917 donskoy mos
g920 krylatskoye mos
g923 kurkino mos
g926 lianozovo mos
g929 otradnoe mos
g932 pokrstreshnevo mos
g935 yuzhbutovo mos
g938 yasenevo mos
g941 orekhborisovoyuzh mos
g946 sevtushino mos
g947 sao mos
g950 molzhaninovsky mos
g951 savelovsky mos
g952 sokol mos
g955 voykovsky mos
g956 koptevo mos
g957 timiryazevsky mos
g959 vostdegunino mos
g961 zapdegunino mos
g962 levoberezhny mos
g963 khovrino mos
g964 khoroshyovsky mos
gagarinskoe1999 mos coa n1611-2
gbmse moscow emb n25483
golianovo MO coa2
golianovo MO fl2
golovinskoe municipality emb n18211
golovinsky mos coa n3125
golovinsky mos fl n3126
golovinsky rayon prcoa 1990s

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