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Moscow Region

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vorovskogo pgt fl
voskhod municipality fl n22957
voskresensk city coa n18104
voskresensk city coa n6447
voskresensk city fl n18105
voskresensk city fl n6448
voskresensk coa n2576
vozdvizhenzkoe selo coa
vozdvizhenzkoe selo fl
vyalki municipality coa n12854
vyalki municipality fl n12855
yadrominskoe selo coa
yadrominskoe selo fl
yahroma1988 city coa n6865
yahroma city coa
yahroma city fl
yakotskoe selo coa
yakotskoe selo fl
yamkinskoe selo coa
yamkinskoe selo fl
yaropoleckoe selo coa
yaropoleckoe selo fl
yrzovckoe selo coa
yrzovckoe selo fl
yurlovskoe municipality coa n19667
zabolotevskoe selo coa
zabolotevskoe selo fl
zagorianskii pgt coa
zagorianskii pgt fl
zagoryansky1989 pos coa n11472
zaharovskoe selo coa
zaharovskoe selo fl
zamochinskoe selo coa
zamochinskoe selo fl
zaprydnya city coa
zaprydnya city fl
zaraisk city coa2010
zaraisk city fl
zaraisk city fl2010
zaraisk city prcoa 1862
zaraisky rayon coa
zaraisky rayon fl
zareche city coa
zareche city fl
zarudenskoe selo coa
zarudenskoe selo fl
zelenogradskii pgt coa

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