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Moscow Region

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kratovo municipality fl n18131
krivandino municipality coa n18132
krivandino municipality fl n18133
krivcovskoe selo coa
krivcovskoe selo fl
kubinka city coa n11473
kubinka city fl n11474
kulikovskoe selo coa
kulikovskoe selo fl
kutuzovskoe selo coa
kutuzovskoe selo fl
kuznetsovskoe selo coa
kuznetsovskoe selo fl
kvashenkovskoe selo coa
kvashenkovskoe selo fl
kyznecovskoe selo 2 coa
kyznecovskoe selo 2 fl
lagovskoe selo 2 coa
lagovskoe selo 2 fl
lagovskoe selo coa
lagovskoe selo fl
leninskiii rayon coa
leninsky rayon fl n13902
leontevskoe selo coa
leontevskoe selo fl
leshoz mobl emb
lesnoi gorodok city coa
lesnoi gorodok city fl
lesnoi gorodok gp prcoas 2010
lesnoi pos coa n9559
lesnoi pos fl n9560
lipizkoe selo coa
lipizkoe selo fl
lobnja city coa
lobnya city fl 2017
losino petrovsky city coa 1985
lotoshino pos coa n9490
lotoshino pos fl n9491
lotoshino rayon coa n2564
lotoshino rayon fl n2565
lozovskoe selo coa
lozovskoe selo fl
lubercy city fl2
lukhovitsy city coa n12844
lukhovitsy city fl n12845
lunevskoe selo coa
lunevskoe selo fl
lvovsky pos coa

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