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Moscow Region

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guvd moscow obl emb0
guvd moscow obl emb n20952
guvd moscow obl smallemb
gzhelskoe selo coa
gzhelskoe selo fl
horlovo city fl
horlovo pgt coa
horoshovskoe selo coa
horoshovskoe selo fl
hotkovo city coa
hotkovo city fl
iksha pos coa n9555
iksha pos fl n9556
ilinskoe municipality coa n9557
ilinskoe municipality fl n9558
ilinskoe selo 2 coa
ilinskoe selo 2 fl
ilinsky city coa
ilinsky city fl
istra1781 city coa n6841
istra city coa 1989
istra city coa 2008
istra city coa n18123
istra city coa n5334
istra city fl 2008
ivan kalita order medal n17711
ivan kalita order n17723
ivanovskoe2 selo coa
ivanovskoe2 selo fl
ivanovskoe selo coa
ivanovskoe selo fl
izbirkom moscow obl emb n21447
izbirkom pushchino emb
kalininec pgt coa
kalininec pgt fl
kalinovskoe selo coa
kalinovskoe selo fl
karinskoe selo coa
karinskoe selo fl
kashinskoe selo coa
kashinskoe selo fl
kashira city coa n3314
kashira city fl n3315
kashira city fl nefulia n17703
kashirskii rayon 2008 coa
kashirskii rayon 2008 fl
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