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Moscow Region

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fedinskoe selo coa
fedinskoe selo coa
fedinskoe selo fl
fedoskinskoe municipality coa n19618
fedoskinskoe municipality fl n19617
fruktovskoe selo coa
fruktovskoe selo fl
fryanovo city fl
g1058 shatura city
g1110 korolev city
g1117 pposad city
g1147 khimki city
g1200 sergievposad city
g1298 ruza city
g1409 shatura city
g1410 fryazino city
g1411 lytkarino city
g1415 obuchovo pos
g1504 schelkovo city
g1557 chekhov1999 city
g1562 yegorievsk city
g1564 moscow obl
g1570 kurovskoepr city
g1599 taldom city
g1602 roshal city
g1603 elektrougli city
g1604 kolomna rayon
g1605 chernogolovka city
g1606 chernogolovka1993 city
g1622 kolomna1781 city
g1648 balashikha city
g1882 likinodulevo city
g1906 voskhod pos
g1907 istra city
g1909 ivanteevka city
g1913 kraskovo pos
g1914 ramenskoye city
g1917 krasnogorsk city
g1922 dubna1976 city
g1969 zhukovsky city
g1971 kotelniki pos
g1973 kurovskoye city
g1975 vysokovsk city
g1976 malakhovka pos
g203 krasnoznamensk city
g2061 fryanovo pos
g2062 pushkino city
g2063 solnechnogorsk city
g2065 tomilino pos
g329 serebrprudy rayon

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