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condrica selo coa
cremenciug comm coa
cremenciug comm fl
cucula selo coa
cucula selo fl
cuhureshti de sus comm coa
cuhureshti de sus comm fl
cuhureshti de sus selo coa
cuhureshti de sus selo fl
cupcini city coa
cupcini city fl
custom moldavia emb n1621
custom moldova fl n1198
dnestrovsk city coa
dnestrovsk city fl
dondusenskii rayon coa
dondusenskii rayon fl
dorockaja selo coa
dorockaja selo fl
drochia rayon coa
drochia rayon fl
dubasari rayon coa
dubasari rayon fl
dubossarskii uezd fl MD
durleshty city coa
durleshty city coa bw
durleshty city fl
durleshty city fl bw
dzurdzuleshty selo coa bw
dzurdzuleshty selo fl bw
e244 gagauzia
edinet rayon coa
edinet rayon fl
edinets city coa
edinets city fl
edinetskii uezd fl MD
f moldova
faleshti city coa
faleshti city fl
faleshti rayon coa
faleshti rayon fl
farladeni selo coa
farladeni selo fl
floresti city coa
floresti city fl
fontane albe selo coa
frumushika selo coa

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