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frumushika selo fl
g1122 pmr
g1197 chisinau city
g1203 moldova
g1575 moldssr
g321 moldova gai
gindesht city coa bw
gindesht city fl bw
gloden city coa
gloden city fl
gura keinarului comm coa bw
gura keinarului comm fl bw
gura keinarului selo coa
gura keinarului selo fl
hanceshti city coa
hanceshti city fl
hanceshti rayon coa
hanceshti rayon fl
hogineshti selo coa
hogineshti selo fl
holercani selo coa
holercani selo fl
horeshti selo coa
horeshti selo fl
hynchesh city coa wb
hynchesh city fl bw
ialoveni city coa
infosecurity moldova emb n6017
jaloven city coa
jaloven city fl
kagulskii uezd fl MD
kantemir city coa n29893
kapaklia selo coa
kapaklia selo fl
karakui selo coa bw
karakui selo fl bw
kgb pmr emb n24477
kishenevskii uezd fl MD
kodru city coa
kodru city fl
kolonitsa selo coa
kolonitsa selo fl
kolonitsa selo fl bw
kornesh city coa
kornesh city fl
korten selo coa
korten selo fl
kriulanskii rayon coa
kriulanskii rayon fl
kriulen city coa

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