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Gagausia fl
Gagausia fl 92-93
Gagausia fl 93-95
PMR fl
Tiraspol fl
anenii noi city coa bw
anenii noi city fl bw
bacioi comm coa
bacioi comm fl
bacioi selo coa
bacioi selo fl
baltiiskii uezd fl MD
beltsy city coa
beltsy city fl
benderski uezd fl MD
bendery1826 city coa n6190
bessarabia gub coa n656
breila selo coa
breila selo fl
briceni city coa
briceni city fl
bubuech selo coa
bubuech selo coa bw
bubuech selo fl
bubuech selo fl bw
budesht selo coa
budesht selo coa bw
budesht selo fl
budesht selo fl bw
cahul rayon coa
cahul rayon fl
calarashi city coa
calarashi city fl
calarashi rayon coa
calarashi rayon fl
carahasani selo coa
carahasani selo fl
causheni city coa
causheni city fl
ceadir lunga c prcoa 1991
ceadir lunga city 2007 coa
ceadir lunga fl 2016
chiisliiiskii rayon coa
chimiiishliiskii rayon fl
chishcareni selo coa
chishcareni selo fl
cimishlia city coa
cimishlia city fl
cobirciu selo coa
cobirciu selo fl

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