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Mogilev oblast

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belynichi pos coa n5314
bobruisk city fl
bobruysk city coa n5310
bykhov c coa 1845 psz
bykhov c coa 1990s
bykhov c prcoa 1862
bykhov city coa n5315
chausy city coa 1781
chausy city coa n5311
chausy city fl
chericov city coa n5317
cherikov city coa 1781
cherikov city fl
dribin pgt coa
dribin pgt fl
dribin rayon coa n5323
g2070 babruysk city
g2080 krichev city
g2081 mstislavl city
g2082 shklov city
glusk pgt fl
glusk pos coa n5324
gorki city fl
gorki pos coa n5309
grodno city fl
hotimsk pgt fl
khotimsk pos coa n5325
kirovsk city fl
kirovsk pos coa n5326
klichev city fl
klichev pos coa n5322
klimovichi city coa 1781
klimovichi city coa n5316
klimovichi city fl
kostjukovichi city fl
kostyukovichi city coa n5321
krasnopolie pgt fl
krasnopolie pos coa n5320
krugloe pos coa n5319
mchs mogilyov obl patch n20394
migilevskii rayon coa
migilevskii rayon fl
mogilev1577 city coa n2735
mogilev1781 city coa n6490
mogilev city fl
mogilev college mvd by emb n31608
mogilev customs banner
mogilev customs emb n31644
mogilev gub coa n2699

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