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Minsk oblast

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berezino city coa
berezino city coa n5220
berezino city fl
borisov city coa 1796
borisov city coa n5226
cherven city coa 1796
cherven city coa n5221
dzerzhinsk city coa n5222
dzerzhinsk city fl
fanipol city coa
g2078 kopyl city
g2079 kletsk city
gorodea pgt coa
gorodeja pgt fl
igumen city coa 1796
ivenets pgt coa
kletsk city coa n5216
kopyl city coa n5219
krupki city coa n5223
logoisk city coa n5224
lyuban city coa n5225
marinagorka city coa n5227
marjina gorka city fl
minsk gub coa n766
minsk obl coa n10479
minsk obl fl n10480
minskii rayon coa
minskii rayon fl
mjadel city fl
molodechnenskii rayon fl
molodechno city coa n5229
myadel city coa n5228
nesviz city fl
nesvizh city coa 1796
nesvizh city coa n5230
osipovichi city fl
osipovichi city fl n5232
radashkovichi pgt coa
radashkovichi pgt fl
slutsk city coa 1796
slutsk city coa n5231
slutsk city fl
smolevichi city coa n5233
smolevichi city fl
soligorsk city coa n3283
starye dorogi city coa
stolbtsy city coa 2006
stolbtsy city coa n5234
stolbtsy city fl
uzda pos coa n5235

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