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Middle East

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afganistan 1928 fl
afganistan 1929 fl
afganistan 1974 fl
afganistan coa
afganistan coa 1974 1978
afganistan coa 1978 1980
afghanistan1987 fl n6987
algeria1962 coa n1545
algeria coa n6363
algeria emb n7041
algiers1830 city coa n10439
ankara city fl n7126
bahrain2002 fl n8350
beirut city coa n11405
cairo city fl n11394
cyprus northern coa n26064
cyprusnorthern coa n5107
cyprusnorthern fl n5106
cyprusnorthern president fl n5107
egypet coa
egypet coa 1922 1953
egypet coa 1953 1958
egypet coa until1922
egypt1922 kingdom fl n11393
egypt coa n4543
f1581 afghanistan
f1714 bahrain
f1715 iran
f1717 kuwait
f1718 oman
f1719 palestine
f1720 syria
f1721 turkey
f1723 yemen
f1724 egypt
f1725 jordan
f1726 libya
f1727 morocco
f1728 quatar
f1729 tunisia
f1730 westernsahara
f1731 mauritania
f afghanistan
f algeria
iran coa 1806
iran coa 1956
iran coa 1979
iran coa n2724

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