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Lvov oblast (Lviv oblast)

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drogobych city coa
drogobych city coa XVIII XX
drogobych city coa XVI XVIII
drogobych city coa n80
drogobychskii rayon coa
drogobychskii rayon fl
dunaev selo coa XV
g1544 lvov obl
gai selo coa1
gai selo fl1
giyche selo coa
giyche selo fl
glinjany pgt coa VIII
glinjany pgt coa XV
gologory selo coa XVIII
gorodok city coa
gorodok city coa XVII XX
gorodyslavichi selo coa
gorodyslavichi selo fl
grebenev selo coa
grebenev selo fl
grjada selo coa
grjada selo fl
gusakov city coa XVI
gusakov city coa XVII
hirov selo coa
hirov selo fl
hodorov city coa XIX
hodorov city coa XV
holovecko selo coa
holovecko selo fl
horodockyi rayon coa
horodockyi rayon fl
hrushatychi selo coa
hrushatychi selo fl
isai selo coa
ivano frankovo pgt coa XIX
javorivskyi rayon coa
javorivskyi rayon coa1
javorivskyi rayon fl
javorivskyi rayon fl1
kamenka bugkskii rayon coa
kamenka bugkskii rayon fl
kamenkabuzskaya city coa n7818
knjazpol selo coa
knjazpol selo fl
kolodentsy selo coa
komarno city coa
komarno city coa XIX XX
komarno city coa XVI XVIII

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