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Lvov oblast (Lviv oblast)

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sudovaja visna city coa XIX
susidovichi selo coa
susidovichi selo fl
svirz selo coa XVII
tartakiv selo coa
tartakiv selo fl
tartakov selo coa 1686
tartakov selo coa 1786
terlo selo coa
terlo selo fl
ternava selo coa
ternava selo fl
tershov selo coa
tershov selo fl
topolnitsa selo coa
topolnitsa selo fl
toporov selo coa XVII
toporov selo fl
torchynovichi selo coa
torchynovichi selo fl
trushevichi selo coa
trushevichi selo fl
tuhla selo coa
tuhla selo fl
turie selo coa
turie selo fl
turka city coa 1928
turka city coa XVI
turka selo coa
turka selo fl
turkovskii rayon coa
turkovskii rayon fl
tysovitsa selo coa
tysovitsa selo fl
ugnev city coa 1462
ugnev city coa n3256
uhniv city coa XVIII
uzlovoe selo coa
uzlovoe selo coa 1870
uzlovoe selo fl
variaz selo coa XVII
velikie mosty city coa 1559
verhnee gusnoe selo coa
verhni hai selo coa
verhni hai selo fl
verhnii luzok selo coa
verhnii luzok selo fl
vinniki city coa
vinniki city coa XIX
vinniki city fl

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