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Lvov oblast (Lviv oblast)

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slohyni selo coa
slohyni selo fl
slovita selo coa
slovita selo fl
smoze niznee selo coa 1760
sokal city coa1
sokal city coa XIX XX
sokal city coa XVI XIX
sokal city fl
sokalskyi rayon coa
sokalskyi rayon fl
sokolovka selo coa 1768
soljanovka selo coa
soljanovka selo fl
solonka selo coa
sosnovka city coa n7821
stanislavchik selo coa XVIII
star sambir h
star sambir s
staraja sol coa
staraja sol fl
staraya skvarjava selo coa
staraya skvarjava selo fl
starosamborskii rayon coa
starosamborskii rayon fl
staryava selo coa
staryava selo fl
staryi dobrotvor selo coa XVI XX
staryi sambir city coa XVI XX
staryi sambor city coa
staryi sambor city fl
stavchany selo coa
stavchany selo fl
stojanov selo coa 1590
stoyaniv selo coa
stoyaniv selo fl
strashev selo coa
strashev selo fl
strelbesch selo coa
strelbesch selo fl
strilky selo coa
strilky selo fl
stryi city coa
stryi city coa1991
stryi city coa 1790
stryi city coa XVI XVIII
stryi city fl
stryiskyi rayon coa
stryiskyi rayon fl
sud vysh city coa

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