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Lvov oblast (Lviv oblast)

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pobuzhany selo fl
podkamen selo coa
podkamen selo coa XVIII
podyarkov selo coa
podyarkov selo fl
pomorjana pgt coa 1684
potelich selo coa XVI XX
potoritsa selo coa
potoritsa selo fl
pustomytovskii rayon coa
pustomytovskii rayon fl
pustomyty city coa
pustomyty city fl
radehivskyi rayon coa
radehivskyi rayon fl
radehov city coa
radehov city fl
raitarovichi selo coa XIX
rava russkaja city coa
rava russkaja city fl
ripyana selo coa
ripyana selo fl
rosvadov selo coa
rosvadov selo fl
rozdol pgt coa 1745
rudki city coa
rudki city coa XIX XX
rudki city fl
rudno pos coa
rudno pos fl
sambirskii rayon coa ua lv
sambirskii rayon fl ua lv
sambor city coa
sambor city coa2003
sambor city fl
sambor city fl2003
samborskii rayon fl
sasov selo coa 1615
schirets pgt coa XVI
schirets pgt coa XVIII
schurovitchi selo coa XIX XX
shodnitsa city coa
shodnitsa city fl
skelevka selo coa XVI XIX
skelivka selo coa1
skelivka selo fl
skole city coa XVII
skolovskoi rayon coa
skolovskoi rayon fl
slavske city coa

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