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Lvov oblast (Lviv oblast)

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mostiska city coa XV
mostiska city coa n18361
mostyskyi rayon coa
mostyskyi rayon fl
mshanets selo coa
mshanets selo fl
murovane selo coa
murovane selo coa XIX
murovane selo coa XIX XX
murovane selo fl
mykolaev pgt coa
mykolaev pgt fl
mykolaivskyi rayon coa
mykolaivskyi rayon fl
navarija selo coa XIX XX
nazankovichi selo coa
nazankovichi selo fl
nemirov pgt coa XVI XIX
nesluhiv selo coa
nesluhiv selo fl
njvyi stav selo coa
nov kalyn city fl
nov kalyn pgt coa
novoe mesto coa4
novoe mesto fl
novoe mesto selo coa XVI
novoe misto selo coa XVII
novoyavorovsk city coa n7820
novye strelischa pgt coa XIX XX
novye strelischa pos coa
novye strelischa pos fl
novyi jarychev pgt fl
novyi jarychev selo coa
novyi miljatin selo coa XVIII
novyy rozdol city coa n18362
olesko pgt coa 1867
olesko pgt coa 1936
pechihvosti selo coa
pechihvosti selo fl
perediln selo coa
perediln selo fl
peremyshlans rayon coa
peremyshlans rayon fl
peremyshljany city coa
peremyshljany city fl
pidsosn selo coa
pidsosn selo fl
pikulovichi selo coa
pikulovichi selo fl
pobuzhany selo coa

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