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Lvov oblast (Lviv oblast)

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bachyna selo coa
bachyna selo fl
batjatichi selo coa
batjatichi selo fl
belichi selo coa
belichi selo fl
belozev selo coa
belozev selo fl
belyi kamen selo coa
belyi kamen selo coa 1682
belz city coa
belz city coa 1508
belz city coa 1772
belz city fl
berezina city coa
berezina city fl
bobrka city coa
bobrka city coa 1569
bobrka city coa proj 1928
bobrka city fl
bolshaja linina selo coa
bolshaja linina selo fl
bolshaja sushitsa selo coa
bolshaja sushitsa selo fl
borislav city coa
borislav city coa 1933
borislav city coa XIX
borshchov selo coa
borshchov selo fl
brodivski rayon coa ua lv
brodivski rayon fl ua lv
brody city coa n18354
busk city coa n3245
busskii rayon coa
busskii rayon fl
chapli selo coa
chapli selo fl
cherepin selo coa
chervonograd city coa
chervonograd city fl
chestyni selo coa
davydov selo coa
dmitrivichi selo coa
dmitrivichi selo fl
dobromil city coa
dobromil city coa 1566
dobromil city coa XVII XX
dobromil city fl
dobrovljany selo coa
dobrovljany selo fl

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