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Lugansk oblast (Luhansk oblast)

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perevalskyi rayon fl
pervomaisk city coa1999
pervomaisk city fl
popasnenskii rayion coa
popasnenskii rayion coa
popasnyanskyi rayon fl
rovenki city coa
rovenki city fl
rubizne city coa
rubizne city fl
severodonetsk city coa
severodonetsk city fl
slavyanoserbsk1811 pos coa n6138
stakhanov city coa n12349
stakhanov city fl n12350
stanichno luganskii rayon coa
stanichno luganskii rayon fl
starobelsk city coa proj
starobelsk sity coa 1804
starobilskiy rayon coa
starobilskiy rayon fl
svativskyi rayon coa
svativskyi rayon fl
svatovo city coa
svatovo city fl
sverdlovsk city coaUA
sverdlovsk city flUA
troickiy rayon coa
troickiy rayon fl
troickoe pgt coa
troickoe pgt coa2
troickoe pgt fl
zolotoe city coa
zolotoe city fl

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