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Lugansk oblast (Luhansk oblast)

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alchevsk city coa
alchevsk city coa n1542
alchevsk city fl n1151
aleksandrovsk city coa
aleksandrovsk city fl
antracyt city coa
antracyt city fl
antracytivskyi rayon coa
antracytivskyi rayon fl
artemievsk city coa
artemievsk city fl
belokurakinskii rayon coa
belokurakinskii rayon fl
bilovodskyi rayon coa
bilovodskyi rayon fl
bryanka city coa
bryanka city fl
flag lug obl
kirovsk city coaLU
kirovsk city flLU
krasnodon city coa
krasnodon city fl
krasnodonskyi rayon coa
krasnodonskyi rayon fl
krasnyi luch city coa1978
krasnyi luch city fl
lnr coa 2015
lnr fl n18704
lnr fl n19012
lug obl
lugansk city fl
lutugine city coa
lutugine city fl
lutuhynskyi rayon coa
lutuhynskyi rayon fl
lysychansk city coa
lysychansk city fl
markivskii rayon coa
markivskii rayon fl
mbr prizrak fl n23523
milovskii rayon coa
milovskii rayon fl
novoaidarskyi rayon coa
novoaidarskyi rayon fl
novopskov city coa
novopskov city fl
novopskovskii rayon coa
novopskovskii rayon fl
perevalskyi rayon coa

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