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trakaiskii uezd XVII fl
trakaiskoe knjazestvo XIV pechat
trakaiskoe voevodstvo 1555
traupis selo coa
trishkjai city coa 1792
troskunai pos coa
troskunai pos fl
tryskiai city coa n4108
tryskiai city fl
tubines selo coa
turgeljai pos coa
turgeljai pos coa2
turmantas selo coa
tverai selo coa
tytuvenai city coa
tytuvenai city fl
ukmerge city coa 1792
ukmerge city coa 1845
ukmerge city coa 1861 proj
ukmerge city coa 1970
ukmerge city coa n4109
ukmerge city fl
ukmerge city pech 1733
ukmerge city pech 1794
upina selo coa
upite selo coa
upite selo fl
upnikai pos coa
upyna starostvo coa
upyna starostvo coa bw
usenai pos coa
utena city coa 1969
utena city coa n4110
utena city fl
utena city fl1
utena dist coa n6289
utjanskii uezd fl
uzhventis city coa n5426
uzledzjai selo coa
uzpaliai pgt coa
uzpaljai city coa 1792
uzpaljai city coa 1912 proj
uzusaljai selo coa
uzventis city fl
vabalnikas city fl
vabalninkas city coa n5934
vadokljai selo coa
vadzgirys city coa
vadzgirys city fl

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