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sudargas city coa
sudargas city coa 1792
sudargas city fl
sudeikiai city fl n7130
sudeikiai pgt coa
survilishkis selo coa
suviekas der coa
suviekas der coa bw
svedasai city fl n7295
svedasai pgt coa
svencioneliai city coa n4104
svencioneliai city fl
svencioneliai city fl1
svencionys city coa n4105
svencionys city fl
svencionys city fl1
taujenai city coa
taujenai city fl
taurage city coa 1969
taurage city coa n4106
taurage city fl
taurage city fl1
taurage dist fl n6727
tauragnai pgt coa
tauragnai pgt fl
tauragskii uezd coa
tauragskii uezd fl
telshai city coa 1792
telshai city coa 1970
telshai city coa caraims
telshai city pech 1881
telshaiskii uezd coa
telshaiskii uezd fl
telshjai city coa 1845
telshjaiskii uezd coa proj 1861
telsiai city coa n4107
telsiai city fl
tirkshljai selo coa
tirkshljai selo fl
trakai city coa 1555
trakai city coa n3778
trakai city coa proj 1861
trakai city fl
trakai city fl1
trakai city pech 1491
trakai city pech 1777
trakai city pech 1802
trakai dist coa n3779
trakaiskii rayon fl

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