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shauljai city coa 1968
shauljai city coa 1991
shauljai city coa 1991 2001
shauljai city pech 1805
shauljai city pech 1840
shauljai city pech 1919
shauljai city pech 1992
shauljai city prch 1791
shauljaiskii uezd coa proj 1842
shauljaiskii uezd coa proj 1861
shauljaiskii uezd pechat 1790
shauljaiskii uezd pechat 1792
sheduva city coa 1792
sheduva city coa proj
sheduva city pech 1749
sheshtokai city coa n5423
sheshuolskoe star coa
sheta city coa n7291
shiauliai city coa 1968
shiauliai city fl
shilagalys selo coa
shilai selo coa
shilale city fl
shilavotas selo coa
shilavotas selo fl
shilute city coa 1941
shiluva city fl n557
shimkaichiai selo coa
shjashtokai city fl2
shnipishkes starostvo coa
shnipishkes starostvo fl
shunskai selo coa
shveitsaria selo coa
shvekshna city coa n5424
shvekshna selo fl
shvenchenis city coa proj 1860
shvenchenis city pech
shvjantoii pos coa
siaulenai city coa n4096
siaulenai city fl
siauliai city coa n4097
siauliai dist coa n4098
siauliai dist coa n5406
siauliai dist fl n6165
siauliai rayon fl
sidabravas city coa n5425
sidabravas selo fl
siesikai city coa n5422
siesikai pgt fl
silale city coa 1968

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