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panevezes city coa 1969
panevezes city fl
panevezes city pech 1812
panevezes city pech 1844 proj
panevezes city pech 1861 proj
panevezioskii uezd fl
panevezskii rayon fl
panevezskii uezd coa proj 1861
panevezys city coa n1282
panevezys dist coa n1283
panevezys dist coa n6728
panoterjai selo coa
papile city coa n177
papile selo fl
papilis selo coa
pastrevis selo coa
pastrevys city fl
pasvalis city coa 1970
pasvalys city coa n394
pasvalys city fl
pasvitinys city coa n475
pasvitinys city fl
pauris city fl
perletto comm coa CN
perletto comm fl CN
perloia selo coa 1792
perloia selo coa 1923
perloia selo pech 1918
perloja city coa n482
perloja city fl
perloja city fl2
pernarava selo coa
piasco comm coa CN
pikeliai city coa
pikeliai city fl
piljuona selo coa
piltene city coa
piltene city fl
pilvishkjai city coa 1791
pilvishkjai city coa 1792
pilviskiai city fl n7303
pilviskiai pgt coa
piobesi d alba comm coa CN
pivashjunai selo coa
pivashjunai selo fl
plateliai city coa n483
plateliai city fl
plateljai city coa 1792
ploksciai city fl n7197
ploksciai pgt coa

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