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aukshtaitija fl
babtai city coa 1791
babtai city coa n3509
babtai city coa proj 1912
babtai pgt fl
baisogala city coa 1791
baisogala city coa 1922
baisogala city coa n3511
baisogala city fl
baknikai city coa
baknikai city coa 1792
baknikai city coa 1922
baknikai city fl
balberrikshkis city coa proi 1847
balbieriskis city coa n713
balbieriskis city fl n714
baltoii voke city coa
barstichjai selo coa
barstichjai selo fl
bartninkai city fl n6744
bartninkai pgt coa
barzdai city coa n5415
barzdai selo fl
batakiai pos fl
batakjai selo coa
beizenis selo coa
beizionys pos fl
betygala city coa n3517
betygala pos fl
bijotai selo coa
bilioniai selo coa
biotai city coa1
biotai selo fl
birjai city coa 1589
birjai city coa 1642
birjai city coa 1792
birjai city coa 1911 proj
birjai city coa 1969
birjai city pechat 1679
birstona city coa n3518
birstonas city fl
birzai city coa n3519
birzai city fl
book LT 2008
bubiai selo coa
bubiai selo fl
bubjai selo2 coa
bukonis star coa
butrimonis selo fl
butrimonys city coa n5416

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