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mariampolskii uezd coa proj 1876
marijampole city coa 1792
marijampole city coa 1922
marijampole city coa n3741
marijampole city fl2
marijampole county coa n6285
marijampole dist fl n6286
maryjampole city coa 1970
maryjampole city fl
mastaichiai selo coa
mazeikiai city coa n3742
mazeikiai city fl
mazonai selo coa
mazonai selo fl
maztikjai city coa 1968
medingenai selo coa
melagenai city coa
melagenai city fl
merkine city coa n3743
merkine city fl2
merkine city pech 1587
merkine city pech 1792
merkine pgt fl
meshkuichiai pgt coa
meshkuichiai pgt fl
mezishkjai selo coa
mickunai selo coa
miroslavas city fl n6992
miroslavas pgt coa
mjadininikai selo coa
moletai city coa 1970
moletai city coa n3744
moletai city fl
montemale di cuneo comm coa CN
mosedis city coa n6999
mosedis city fl n6998
musninkai selo coa
musninkai selo fl
naisiai selo coa
natkishkjai selo coa
nauioii akmjane city coa 1969
nauioii uta selo coa
nauioii uta selo fl
naujamestis selo coa
naujoji akmene city fl
naujuji kietavishkes selo coa
nemakschai selo coa
nemakschai selo fl
nemenchine city coa n7296
nemenchine city fl n7297

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