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kaltinenai selo coa
kalvaria city coa 1791
kalvaria city coa 1912 proj
kalvarija city coa n3531
kalvarija city fl
kamajai city coa
kamajai city fl
kapciamiestis city coa
kapciamiestis city fl
karmelava city coa 1792
karmelava city coa n1199
karmelava city fl n6136
karmelava pos fl
karsakishkis selo coa
karsakishkis selo fl
kartyana city coa n6884
katichai city coa
katichjai selo coa
kaunas city coa 1843
kaunas city coa 1919
kaunas city coa 1935
kaunas city coa 1969
kaunas city coa big
kaunas city coa n3532
kaunas city fl 2
kaunas city pech 1471
kaunas city pech 1493
kaunas city pech 1540
kaunas city pech 1801
kaunas county coa
kaunas county fl
kaunas fl
kaunasskii rayon coa
kaunasskii rayon fl
kavarskas city coa
kavarskas city fl
kazlu ruda city fl
kazlu ruda city fl1
kazluruda city coa n3533
kazokishkes selo coa
kazokiskes city coa
kedainia city coa n3534
kedainiai city fl
kedainjai city coa 1648
kedainjai city coa 1792
kedainjai city coa 1922
kedainjai city coa 1969
kedainjai city fl2
kelme city coa 1970
kelme city coa n3535

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