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buvidzjai selo coa
cassinetta di lugagnano comm fl MI
chekishke city coa n5417
chjakishke selo fl
cross 1555
cross XV
darbenai city coa
darbenai city fl
darsunishkis selo coa 1792
daugai city coa
daugai city coa 1792
daugai city coa 1922
daugai city fl n6745
daugailiai city fl n6748
daugailiai pgt coa
daujenai city coa n6750
daujenai city fl n6749
debeikiai city coa n6742
deguciai pos fl
didzioji riese selo coa
dieveniskes city coa
dieveniskes city fl
djaguchai city2 coa
djaguchai city2 fl
djaguchai city coa 1792
djaguchjai selo coa
djaltuva selo coa
domeikava city coa n3972
domeikava city fl n4190
dovilai selo coa
druskini city coa n3520
druskinikai city fl
druskinikai city fl2
druskininkai city coa 1969
druskinninkai city coa 1969
dubichiai selo coa
dubingjai selo coa
dukshtas city fl
dukstas city coa
dukstas city fl n22898
dusetos city coa n5418
dusetos pos fl
dzukija coa big
eishishkes city coa pr1938
eisiskes city coa n3512
eisiskes city fl
electrenai city fl
elektrenai city coa n3521
elektrenai city fl1
endrejavas selo coa

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