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LT Klaipeda
LT Vilnius county
adrenishkas selo coa
adutiskis city coa
adutiskis city fl
agluonenai selo coa
akademiz selo coa
akmene city coa 1792
akmene city coa n3513
akmene city fl
akmene dist coa n3514
akmene rayon coa
akmene rayon fl
alantskoe star coa
aleksandria selo coa
aleksandria selo fl
alitus city fl 1993
alove selo coa
alove selo fl
alsedziai city coa n6738
alsedziai city fl n6739
alvitas selo coa
alytus city coa 1614
alytus city coa 1792
alytus city coa 1922
alytus city coa 1969
alytus city coa n3515
alytus city fl n3516
alytus county coa n5413
alytus county coa n6283
alytus county fl
alytus county fl n6284
alytusskii rajon fl
antalepte selo fl
antaliepte city coa n5414
antanavas selo coa
antazave selo coa
anyksciai city coa
anyksciai city coa 1792
anyksciai city coa 1970
anyksciai city fl
ariogala city coa
ariogala city coa 1792
ariogala city coa 1922
ariogala city coa 1969
ariogala city fl n409
ashminta selo coa
ashminta selo fl
aukshtadvaris selo coa
aukshtaitija coa big

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