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Leningrad Region

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vyborg c prcoa 19c
vyborg c prcoa 19c1
vyborg c seal 18c
vyborg c seal 19c
vyborg city coa 1788 n32701
vyborg city coa 1817 n27937
vyborg city coa 1993 n20983
vyborg city coa n2504
vyborg city coa pre1728 n32820
vyborg city fl n8737
vyborg city prcoa 19c n32819
vyborg customs emb n20894
vyborg customs emb n31584
vyborg rayon coa n9277
vyborg rayon fl n9278
vyndinoostrovskoe selo coa
vyndinoostrovskoe selo fl
vyritsa municipality fl n13703
vyritsa pos coa
vyskatskoe selo coa
vyskatskoe selo fl
vysotsk city coa
wiborg city coa MU
yam tesovski pos coa
yam tyosovo municipality fl n19182
yukki municipality fl n12834
zaborievskoe selo coa
zaborievskoe selo fl
zagrivskoe selo coa
zagrivskoe selo fl
zaklinie selo coa
zaklinskoe selo fl
zanevka municipality fl n13715
zanevskoe sp coa
zaporozhskoe municipality coa n13716
zaporozhskoe municipality fl n13717
zimititsy selo coa
zimititsy selo fl
znak gubern lenobl chain

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