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Leningrad Region

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ivangorod c logo 2023
ivangorod city coa 1580
ivangorod city fl n30802
izbirkom r47 emb0
izvary selo fl
janegskoe selo coa
janegskoe selo fl
jukki selo coa
kalitino selo coa
kalitinskoe selo fl
kalozitskoe selo coa
kalozitskoe selo fl
kamennogorsk city coa
kamennogorskoe selo fl
kerstovo selo coa
kerstovo selo fl
kikerinskoe selo coa
kikerinskoe selo fl
kingisepp city coa
kingisepp city fl
kingisepp customs emb n20849
kingisepskii rayon coa
kingisepskii rayon fl
kipen selo coa
kipenskoe selo fl
kirishi city coa
kirishi city fl
kirishskii rayon coa
kirishskii rayon fl
kirovsk 47 city fl
kirovsk city coa n24379
kirovsk rayon coa n9035
kirovsk rayon fl n9036
kiselninskoe selo fl
kiselnja selo coa
klimovo selo coa
klimovo selo fl
klopitskoe selo coa
klopitskoe selo fl
kobrino selo coa
kobrinskoe municipality fl n13719
kolchanovo selo coa
kolchanovo selo coa1
kolchanovo selo fl
koltushi selo coa
koltushi selo fl
kommunar city coa n8826
kommunar city fl n8827
koporie municipality coa n14603
koporie municipality fl n14604

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