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Leningrad Region

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g761 tikhvin city
gankovskoe selo coa
gankovskoe selo fl
gatchina city coa n8883
gatchinsky rayon coa
gatchinsky rayon fl
gbmse leningrad emb n25456
glazevskoe selo fl
glazhevskoe selo coa
glebychevo municipality fl n13705
glebychevo selo coa
goncharovo selo coa
goncharovskoe selo fl
gorbunki municipality coa n14599
gorbunki selo fl
gorskoe selo coa
gorskoe selo fl
gostilici selo coa
gostilitskoe selo fl
gostitskoe selo coa
gostitskoe selo fl
gromovo municipality coa n13706
gromovo municipality fl n13707
gubanitskoe selo coa
gubanitskoe selo fl
hvalovo selo coa
hvalovskoe selo coa
issadskoe selo coa
issadskoe selo fl
ivangorod1998 city coa n8352
ivangorod city coa 1580
ivangorod city fl n30802
izvary selo fl
janegskoe selo coa
janegskoe selo fl
jukki selo coa
kalitino selo coa
kalitinskoe selo fl
kalozitskoe selo coa
kalozitskoe selo fl
kamennogorsk city coa
kamennogorskoe selo fl
kerstovo selo coa
kerstovo selo fl
kikerinskoe selo coa
kikerinskoe selo fl

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