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Leningrad Region

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47 King
47 Kiri
47 LodP
47 LodP fl
47 Luga
47 NLad
47 Pik
47 Podp
47 Prim
47 Prio
47 Sert
47 Sert fl
47 Shli
47 SosnBor g
47 Svet
47 Vyb
47 volhov
agalatovo municipality coa n13694
agalatovo municipality fl n13695
alehovschina selo fl
anisimovskoe selo coa
anisimovskoe selo fl
annino city fl
annino municipality coa n14598
ass lenobls emb
bashkirov 2008 book
begunickoe selo coa
begunitskoe selo fl
berexki selo fl
berezhkovskoe selo coa
beseda selo coa
beseda selo fl
boksitogorsk city coa
boksitogorsk city coa2014
boksitogorsk city coa sov
boksitogorsk city fl2014
boksitogorsk rayon fl
bolshaja izora pos coa
bolshaja izora pos fl
bolshaya vruda selo fl
bolshedvorskoe selo coa
bolshedvorskoe selo fl
bolshekolpanskoe selo fl
bolshelutskoe selo coa
bolshelutskoe selo fl
bolshevrudskoe selo coa
bolshie kolpany selo coa
bor selo fl
borskoe selo coa

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