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g894 inesu volost
g895 jaunpiebalgas volost
g896 jumpravas volost
g897 kalupes volost
g898 kaunata volost
g899 kazdangas volost
g900 koknese volost
g901 kolkas volost
g902 krimuldas volost
g903 lapmezciems volost
g904 laudonas volost
g905 ledurgas volost
g906 madlienas volost
g907 maltas volost
g967 ikskile city
g968 ilukste city
g969 jaunjelgava city
g970 jekabpils city
g971 jelgava city
g972 kalnciems city
g973 kandava city
g974 karsava city
g975 kegums city
g976 kraslava city
g977 kuldiga city
g978 lielvarde city
g979 liepaja city
g980 ligatne city
g981 limbazi city
g982 livani city
g983 lubana city
g984 ludza city
g985 madona city
g986 mazsalaca city
g987 mores volost
g988 naujienes volost
g989 ogre city
g990 olaine city
g991 pavilosta city
g992 piltene city
g993 plavinas city
g994 preili city
g995 priekule city
g996 rezekne city
g997 pures volost
g998 raunas volost
gailishu volost coa
garkalnes novads coa
garkalnes novads fl
gauenas volost coa

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