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g1262 vestienas volost
g1263 zosenu volost
g1264 valdemarpils city
g1265 valka city
g1266 valmiera city
g1267 vangazi city
g1268 varaklani city
g1269 ventspils city
g1270 viesite city
g1271 vilaka city
g1272 vilani city
g1273 zilupe city
g790 latvssr
g791 riga city
g792 ainazi city
g793 aizkraukle city
g794 cesis city
g796 ainazi2 city
g798 aizpute city
g801 akniste city
g802 aloja city
g850 aluksne city
g851 ape city
g852 auce city
g853 baldone city
g854 balozi city
g856 balvi city
g857 bauska city
g860 broceni city
g863 cesvaine city
g864 dagda city
g865 daugavpils city
g867 dobele city
g868 durbe city
g869 grobinya city
g870 gulbene city
g880 tukums city
g881 tukums city
g882 adazu volost
g883 allazu volost
g884 alsungas volost
g885 carnikavas volost
g886 cenas volost
g887 elejas volost
g888 engures volost
g889 erglu volost
g890 garkalnes volost
g891 gibulu volost
g892 iecavas volost
g893 incukalns volost

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