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dzelzavas pagasts coa
dzerbenes pagasts coa
dzukstes pagasts coa
ekabpils kray coa
elgava city coabig
engures novads coa
engures novads fl
ergemes volost coa
erglu novads coa
erglu novads fl
f1364 latvia
f797 aizkraukle city
f799 aizpute city
f800 riga city
f803 jurmala city
f855 balozi city
f858 bauska city
f866 daugavpils city
f876 ainazi city
f877 aloya city
f878 cesis city
f879 tukums city
g1002 valka rajon
g1204 salacgriva city
g1205 sabile city
g1206 rundales volost
g1207 rujiena city
g1208 rojas volost
g1209 sesavas volost
g1210 seda city
g1211 saulkrasti city
g1212 saldus city
g1213 salaspils city
g1214 sigulda city
g1243 skriveru volost
g1244 skrunda city
g1245 smiltene city
g1246 staicele city
g1247 stende city
g1248 stopinu volost
g1249 straupe volost
g1250 strenci city
g1251 subate city
g1252 talsi city
g1253 targales volost
g1254 tumes volost
g1255 turlavas volost
g1260 vecpiebalgas volost
g1261 vecumnieki volost

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