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Krasnoyarsk Krai

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24 krs6
Berezovskiy rayon fl
Chistoe Pole sp coa
aban rayon coa 2001 n24370
aban rayon coa n30106
aban rayon fl n30105
achinckii rayon fl
achinsk1785 city coa n6524
achinsk1982 city coa n3817
achinsk city coa n9666
achinsk city fl n9667
achinsky rayon coa
atamanovo selo coa
atamanovo selo coa
balahtinskii rayon coa
balahtinskii rayon fl
balakhta rayon fl n24591
belakin selo coa
belakin selo fl
belyaki ss coa
belyaki ss fl
berezovka pos coa
berezovka pos fl
berezovsky rayon coa n6478
biriljusskii rayon coa
biriljusskii rayon fl
bogotol city coa
bogotol city fl
bogotolskii rayon coa
bogotolskii rayon fl
boguchanskoe selo coa
boguchanskoe selo fl
bol irba p coa0
bolshemurtinskii rayon coa
bolshemurtinskii rayon fl
bolsheulutskii rayon coa
bolshoi ului rayon fl n31715
borodino1991 city coa n9136
borodino city coa
borodino city fl
borskii selo coa
borskii selo fl
chistopol selo coa
chistopol selo fl

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