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Kirovograd oblast (Kirovohrad oblast)

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kirovograd city coa big
kirovograd city coa n486
kirovograd city fl n5932
kirovograd obl coa n340
kirovograd obl fl n502
kirovograd rayon coa n18603
kirovogradskii rayon coa
kirovogradskii rayon fl
kirovohradskii rayon 2coa
kirovohradskii rayon 2fl
kompaneevka rayon coa n18606
kompaneevskii rayon coa
kompaneevskii rayon fl
krupskoe pos coa n12395
krupskoe pos fl n12396
krupskoe selo coa
krupskoe selo fl
malaya viska city coa n12397
malaya viska city fl n12398
malayaviska rayon coa n6077
malayaviska rayon fl n6078
marjanovka selo coa
moshorino selo coa
moshorino selo fl
nazarovka selo coa
novgorodka pos coa n12399
novgorodka pos fl n12400
novgorodka rayon coa n12419
novgorodka rayon fl n12420
novoarhangelskii rayon coa
novoarhangelskii rayon fl
novoe pos coa n12401
novoe pos fl n12402
novomirgorod rayon coa n12421
novomirgorod rayon fl n12422
novoukrainka city coa2
novoukrainka city fl2
onufrievka pos coa n12380
onufrievka pos fl n12381
onufrievka rayon coa n6079
onufrievka rayon fl n6080
ositnjazki selo coa
ositnjazki selo fl
pervozvanovka selo coa
pervozvanovka selo fl
petrovo pos coa n12403
petrovo pos fl n12404
protopopovka pos coa n12405
protopopovka pos fl n12406
sosnovka pos coa n12409

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