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Kirovograd oblast (Kirovohrad oblast)

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147 alexandr
164 alexandr Kene
164 alexandr SSSR
164 alexandria
UA KG novoukrainsky rajon coa
UA KG novoukrainsky rajon fl
ajamka selo coa
ajamka selo fl
aleksandriiskii rayon coa
aleksandriiskii rayon fl
aleksandrovka pos coa n12374
aleksandrovka pos fl
aleksandrovka pos fl n12375-2
aleksandrovka pos fl n12375
aleksandrovskii rayon coa
aleksandrovskii rayon fl
alexandria city coa n12376
alexandria city fl
alexandria city fl n12377-2
alexandria city fl n12377-3
alexandria city fl n12377
annovka selo coa
annovka selo fl
antonovka pos coa n12378
antonovka pos fl n12379
birki pos coa n12382
birki pos fl n12383
bobrinets rayon coa n18597
bobrinetskii rayon coa
bobrinetskii rayon fl
bogdanovka selo coa
bogdanovka selo fl
bukvarka pos coa n12384
bukvarka pos fl n12385
chervonokamenka pos coa n12393
chervonokamenka pos fl n12394
dobrovelichkovka rayon coa n12417
dobrovelichkovka rayon fl n12418
dolinskaya city coa n12392
dolinskaya city fl n18599
dolinskii rayon coa
dolinskii rayon fl
dykovka pos coa n12390
dykovka pos fl n12391
fedorovka selo coa
fedorovka selo fl
gaivoronskii rayon coa
gaivoronskii rayon fl
golovanevsk rayon coa n12415
golovanevsk rayon fl n12416

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