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Kiev oblast (Kyiv oblast)

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chupyra selo coa
chupyra selo fl
dibrova selo coa
dibrova selo fl
drozdy selo coa
drozdy selo fl
f1900 vyshgorod city
fasova selo coa
fasova selo fl
fastovka selo coa
fastovka selo fl
fastovskii rayon coa
fastovskii rayon fl
fesury selo coa
fesury selo fl
fursy selo coa
fursy selo fl
glushki selo coa
glushki selo fl
gogolev selo coa
gogolev selo coa 1757
gogolev selo fl
grebenki pos coa
grebenki pos fl
gruzskoe selo coa
gruzskoe selo fl
havoronschina selo coa
havoronschina selo fl
hlevaha pgt coa
hlevaha pgt fl
hodosivka selo coa
hodosivka selo fl
hrapachi selo coa
hrapachi selo fl
irpen city coa n20578
irpin city coa
irpin city fl
ivanivka selo coa
ivanivka selo fl
ivankov city coa
ivankovskii rayon coa
ivankovskii rayon fl
jagotinskii rayon coa
jagotinskii rayon fl
kagarlitskii rayon coa
kagarlitskii rayon fl
kagarlyk city coa
kagarlyk city fl
kagarlytskii rayon coa
kagarlytskii rayon fl

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