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Kiev oblast (Kyiv oblast)

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tarasovka2 selo fl
tarasovka selo coa
tarasovka selo fl
terezyne selo coa
terezyne selo fl
tetiev city coa
tetiev city fl
tetiev city fl m
tetiyivsky rayon coa
tetiyivsky rayon fl
tomylivka selo coa
tomylivka selo fl
trushky selo coa
trushky selo fl
ukrainka pos coa
ukrainka pos fl
uzyn pgt coa
uzyn pgt fl
vasilkov city coa proj 1843
vasyliv selo coa
vasylkovskii rayon coa
vasylkovskii rayon fl
velikii karashin selo coa
velikii karashin selo fl
veselaja sloboda selo coa
veselaja sloboda selo fl
veselyi kut selo coa
vilna tarasovka selo coa
vilna tarasovka selo fl
vilno selo coa
vilno selo fl
volodarka pos coa
volodarka pos fl
volodarskiy rayon coa
volodarskiy rayon fl
voronkov selo coa XVIII
vyscha dubechna selo coa
vyshgorodskyi rayon coa
vyshgorodskyi rayon fl
vyshneve city coa
vyshneve city fl
xhernogorodka selo coa
xhernogorodka selo fl
yablonevka selo coa
yablonevka selo fl
yablunivka selo coa
yablunivka selo fl
yagotin city coa 1755
yasnogorodka selo coa
yasnogorodka selo fl

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