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Kiev oblast (Kyiv oblast)

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plahtjanka selo coa
plahtjanka selo fl
polesskii rayon coa
polesskii rayon fl
poltava city coa 1803
popravka selo coa
popravka selo fl
potiivka selo coa
potiivka selo fl
prejaslav hmalnitskii rayon coa
prejaslav hmalnitskii rayon fl
pylypcha selo coa
pylypcha selo fl
rokytnanskii rayon coa
rokytnanskii rayon fl
rozaliivka selo coa
rozaliivka selo fl
rozhiv selo coa
rozhiv selo fl
rzhyschev1990 city coa n11549
rzhyschiv city coa
rzhyschiv city fl
shkarovka selo coa
shkarovka selo fl
sitnjaki selo coa
sitnjaki selo fl
skvira city coa 1791
skvira city coa 1796
skvira city coa proj 1860
skvirskii rayon coa
skvirskii rayon fl
skvyra city coa2004
sorokotagy selo coa
sorokotagy selo fl
sosnovka selo coa
sosnovka selo fl
stavyshchenskii rayon coa
stavyshchenskii rayon fl
suholisy selo coa
suholisy selo fl
sydory selo coa
sydory selo fl
taborov selo coa XVIII
tarascha city coa
tarascha city coa 1791
tarascha city coa 1852
tarascha city fl
taraschanskii rayon coa
taraschanskii rayon fl
tarasovka2 selo coa

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