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Kiev oblast (Kyiv oblast)

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matushi selo fl
mazepyntsi selo coa
mazepyntsi selo fl
mironovka city coa
mironovka city fl
mironovskii rayon coa
mironovskii rayon fl
mostyshche selo coa
mostyshche selo fl
motyzhyn selo coa
motyzhyn selo fl
mykhailovskoe selo coa
mykhailovskoe selo fl
nalyvaikivka selo coa
nalyvaikivka selo fl
nebelyca selo coa
nebelyca selo fl
nemishaevo pgt coa
nemishaevo pgt fl
nizhylovichi selo coa
nizhylovichi selo fl
novosolsk city coa
novosolsk city fl
novye opachichi selo coa
novye opachichi selo fl
nychyporivka selo coa
nychyporivka selo fl
obuhov city coa
obuhov city fl
obuhovskii rayon coa
obuhovskii rayon fl
oleinikova sloboda selo coa
oleinikova sloboda selo fl
ostrijky selo coa
ostrijky selo fl
ozerna selo coa
ozerna selo fl
pashkovka selo coa
pashkovka selo fl
perejaslav hmelnitskii city coa1999
perejaslav hmelnitsky city coa 1620
pereslav hmelnitski city fl
pereyaslav city coa n3251
peschanaya selo coa
peschanaya selo fl
petrop borshch selo coa
petrop borshch selo fl
pilipcha selo 2 coa
pilipcha selo 2 fl
pjatigory city coa 1796

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