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Kiev oblast (Kyiv oblast)

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kalinovka pos coa
kalinovka pos fl
kalinovka selo coa
kalinovka selo fl
kalynivka selo fl2016
kiev gub coa n4172
knazhychi selo1 coa
kodra selo coa
kodra selo fl
kolonschyna selo coa
kolonschyna selo fl
komarovka selo coa
komarovka selo fl
kopachiv selo coa
kopylov city coa
kopylov city fl
korolivka city coa
korolivka city fl
kovshevataja selo coa 1792
kozhenyki selo coa
kozhenyki selo fl
kozychanka city coa
kozychanka city fl
krasnaja sloboda selo coa
krasnaja sloboda selo fl
kyevo svyatoshynskyi rayon coa
kyevo svyatoshynskyi rayon fl
leletchii hutor selo coa
leletchii hutor selo fl
lipovka selo coa
lipovka selo fl
lubske city coa
lubske city fl
ludvynovka selo coa
ludvynovka selo fl
lyshnya selo coa
lyshnya selo fl
makarov ciry fl
makarov selo coa
makarov selo fl
makovysche selo coa
makovysche selo fl
malaja antonovka selo coa
malaja antonovka selo fl
malaya vilshanka selo coa
malaya vilshanka selo fl
malye lysivtsi selo coa
maryanivka selo coa
maryanivka selo fl
matushi selo coa

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