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Kiev oblast (Kyiv oblast)

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Kievsk Obl
Kievsk Obl Fl
anreevka selo coa
anreevka selo fl
barahty selo coa
barahty selo fl
baryshevka city coa 1679
baryshevskii rayon coa
baryshevskii rayon fl
baryshivka pos coa n7816
belaya cerkov city coa 1620
belotserkivskiy rayon coa
belotserkivskiy rayon fl
beresan city coa 1771
berezan city coa
berezan city fl
berezan city fl n20569
berezivka selo coa
berezivka selo fl
bobrik selo coa
bobrik selo fl
bogdanovka selo coa
bogdanovka selo fl
boguslav city coa
boguslav city coa 1854
boguslav city fl
boguslavskii rayon coa
boguslavskii rayon fl
bolshaja dimerka pos coa
bolshaja dimerka pos fl
borispol city coa 1769
borispol rayon coa n11547
borispol rayon fl n11548
borivka selo coa
borivka selo fl
borodyanskyi rayon coa
borodyanskyi rayon fl
boryspil city coa
boryspil city fl
brovary selo coa
brovary selo fl
browarskii rayon coa
browarskii rayon fl
bucha city fl n20570
byshev city coa
byshev city fl
byshiv pos coa
byshiv pos fl
chabany pos coa
chabany pos fl

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